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Shiba Inu Traits: Is the SHIBA INU right for you????

If you want a dog that is:
*Cute and adorable from birth
*Cat like with it's grooming habits requiring few baths
*Independent and aloof but very loyal to his family
*Quiet, Most shibas don't bark much
*Alert, Bold and Confident
*Extremely smart and loves to learn

*Very curious about everything around him
*Lively and high spirited
*Small sized, athletic, strong with a "BIG DOG" personality, very healthy

Then the shiba might be for you.....

Now, if you DON'T want a dog that:
*Can not be let off leash unless in a secure fenced area
*Is cunning, manipulative, strong willed and dominant
*Does not like to be held, restrained
*Can be dominating to other animals
*Has strong prey instincts and chases small animals that run
*Can be possessive of his food and toys
* Has the tendency to bolt through open doors
*Has the ability to climb fences or dig under them
* Is double coated and sheds large amounts twice a year
*Is a breed that is not always tolerant of young children that pull on him
*Can emit a piercing "Shiba Scream" when unhappy or afraid
*Needs constant socialization with animals, people, sights and sounds
Then the shiba is not the right dog for you.

Remember that not all Shibas are alike. From my experience with Shibas, personality can depend on the individual dog....