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This was Summer & Tigger's First win.
March 29th 2008, he was a just 7 months old. Thank you Mr. Fredrikson!
 Tigger is retired.

JUNE 8th 2008- Jewell won a 3 point major, winning WB, BOW and BOS. She beat out 3 class males, 4 class girls and a Special to get these points in Canton, Ohio!! Jewell is spayed and retired, spending her days being a couch potato.

JUNE 21st 2008- Tigger wins his second major in Waynesburg, PA. Tigger won WD/BOW over 5 class girls, & 2 Specials. Summer handled him like a pro and was so excited when Tigger won his 3 point major. Thank you Mr. Filburn!

JULY 25th 2008-- Tigger won WD in Marion, Oh. Summer won 1st place in Junior Showmanship with Tigger along her side, they make a great team!!

AUGUST 10th-08'- Jewell took WB/BOS in Lorain, Oh. It was a nice outside show, the weather was perfect. Jewell performed like a champ, even though she was in heat!!!

AUGUST 24th-08'- Jewell wins WB, BOW and BOS for 2 points in St. Clairsville, OH. with Judge Raymond Filburn. 

Polani's first major win, taking WD & BOW. Polani now lives in Kansas.

 SEPTEMBER 20th-08'- Tigger wins WD, BOW and BOB  in Prospect, PA. Jewell wins BOS under Tigger!!


SEPT. 28th-08'- Jewell takes Reserve out of 4 class girls in Monroe, MI. with Summer handling her for the 1st time!!

 OCTOBER 4th-08'-- In Aliquippa, PA. Tigger wins WD and BOW, and now has the title of "CHAMPION" !!!!

SEPT. 23rd 09'-- Summer wins 1st place with CH. Tigger at 4-H judging for Junior Showmanship. Summer got a trophy and Tigger got a dog bone. Our 4-H club name is Sticks & Stones of Tuscarawas County.

OCT. 26th-08'--Jewell wins 1st in her class and Reserve Winners Bitch, Sora wins 1st in her class in Delaware, Ohio.

NOVEMBER 23rd-08-- Jewell takes BOS and BOW!! She won over 2 class bitches, 2 class dogs and 2 Specials....what a day!  Sora wins over another class girl taking first in her class.

January 5, 2009  While on vacation in Florida we stopped in at a show in Deland. Sora, won her class over another girl. Jewell won WB, then went on to win Best Of Opposite! We had a great time at that show. Summer won 1st place in the Novice Junior class in Junior Showmanship with Jewell. Afterwards we stopped at the beach and had a picnic!

This is Kikuhime's dam, CH. Justa-Morningstar Patty Playpal. She is the shiba on the right, with handler Joan Morningstar. Patty is standing next to her brother CH Justa Wizard of Oz. Both won at the 2007 Shiba National.


Here is Summer and Sora at a Fun Match up toward Cleveland. It was held by the Western Kennel Club on May 17th 09'. Although Sora decided to let her Shiba side show, she still won a Group 1 place and we had a great time!

Here is Summer handling Sora at the Canton show on May 7th 09' with Mr. Kenneth Buxton judging. Sora won WB & BOS, she had some nice competition. Sora is now spayed and retired from the show ring.

Here is Polani with a major win, Best of Winners, his second major

On May 6th in Canton my new red pup "Nibbles" won her first point taking WB & BOS! Our B/T girl Sora was right behind her winning Reserve! Nibbles is now spayed and retired from the show ring.

JUNE 20th-- Jewell of The Nile won Best of Breed in Waynesburg, PA. Nibbles took Reserve right behind her!

7-19-09, Here is Summer with Jewell at the Medina show in Junior Showmanship. She was very excited because she had just moved up from Novice Juniors. This was her first show in Open Intermediate (12-15 year olds). Summer was up against 6 other competitors in this class and she took 3rd place and won a steel 2 QT drinking pail full of dog goodies!  

7-24-09--Jewell took Winners Bitch for a 3 point major in Marion, Oh. Her Championship is now complete with 17 points!! Thank you Judge Kennedy!

Polani's third major win, taking Best of Breed!

11-21-09--Sweet Niblets takes 1st in her class and passes Eye Cerf in Tallmadge, Ohio.

1-8-10-- Sora wins Best of Breed in Talmadge.. with Summer handling.

1-9-10-- Lani wins her first point at six months old.. her first weekend of showing. She took Best of Winners and Best of Opposite in Tallmadge.

3-24-10 Morningstar Princess Jada takes WB and BOS under Judge Mrs. Kniola down in Raleigh, NC.

3-25-10 Morningstar Princess Jada wins Reserve, and CH. Justa-Morningstar Patty Playpal wins BOS under Judge Randy Garren in Raleigh.

3-26-10 Justa-Morningstar Patty Playpal takes BOS again down in Raleigh under Judge Janet Robinson. Princess Jada passes her Eye Cerf on this day :-)

3-28-10 Morningstar Princess Jada wins WB under Judge Robert Frost in Raleigh... her 1st point.

9-10 A puppy match with Bella, she won Breed and Group 4.

3-10-11 Tintown's Kikuhime first day in the ring at 6 1/2 moths old, wins WB/BOS for a 3 point major in Nashville under Mrs. R. Forsyth.

3-11-11 Tintown's Kikuhime wins WB/BOS in Nashville for a 4 point major under Judge W. Bergum. I was very impressed with all the Shibas entered, all were wonderful competition.

3-19-11 Evansville KC, Louisville KY, Taki wins BOW under Judge Luc Boileau for a 3 point major.

3-23-11 Cary KC Raleigh, NC Taki wins WD for a 3 pt major under Judge Mrs. Susan Carr.

3-23-11  Cary KC, Raleigh, NC.. Kiku wins BOW/BOS under Judge Susan Carr for a 3 pt major.

3-24-11 Alamance KC, Raleigh NC..Kiku wins BOW/BOS under Judge Mrs. Robert D. Smith for a 3 point major.

3-26-11 Raleigh KC, Raleigh, NC.. Taki wins WD under Mrs. Doris Cozart for a 4 point major.

4-17-11 Perry, GA, National Shiba Club of America Regional Specialty- Kikuhime wins Best In Sweepstakes under Judge Mrs Robin Stansell!

4-17-11 CH Tintown's Kikuhime wins WB/BOW/BOS over 3 bitch Specials for a 5 point major at the NSCA Regional Specialty in Perry, GA..and attains her Champion title at 6 1/2 months old. A big thank you to Judge Mr. Robert Eisele!

4-17-11 Tintown's Takechiyo wins WD for a 4 point major at the NSCA Regional Specialty in Perry, GA under Judge Mr. Robert Eisele.

4-24-11 CH Tintown's Takechiyo wins WD/BOW for a point to finish his Champion title, a week after his sister! Thank you to Judge Gloria Geringer. Both Taki and Kiku finished out of the Bred By Exhibitor Class making me very proud.  CH Tintown's Kikuhime showed today as a new Champion in BOB, and she took BOS over 2 bitch specials.

5-21-11  Marietta, OH- CH Tintown's Takichyo wins BOB under Judge David R. Miller. Taki's first time in the ring as a Special!

6-11-11 Canton, OH- CH Tintown's Takechiyo wins BOB over 3 Specials and a Group 4, his second time out as a Special!! Thank you to Judge Mrs. R. Ellen Fetter for seeing the potential in this young dog! Taki was handled expertly by Junior handler Summer Abel!

6-12-11 Canton, OH- CH Tintown's Takechiyo wins BOB over 2 Specials, handled again by Summer!

11-26-11 Tallmadge. OH- Kotaro Go Shun'You Kensha wins WD/BOW for 2 pts, his first weekend out in the AKC ring! AKC CH Tintown's Takechiyo wins Select Dog.

11-27-11 Tallmadge, OH- AKC CH Tintown's Takechiyo wins BOB over 3 Specials, Morningstar-Tintown DrMc Dreamy's Made of Honor wins WB for 2 points her first weekend out, and Kotaro Go Shun'You Kensha wins WD/BOW. A big thank you to Judge David Kirkland!



 12-2-11- Cincinnati, OH- UKC CH Morningstar-Tintown DrMc Dreamy's Made of Honor "Lily" wins BOB/G4 out of the Breeder/Handler class.

12-3-11 Kotaro Go Shun'You Kensha wins BOB/G4.

12-4-11 AKC CH Tintown's Takechiyo wins back to back Group 1's for show 1 and 2, then goes on to win BIS and Best of the Best in Show, handled by Holden Abel!!! Holden Abel wins Best Junior Handler!!

12-16-11 Cleveland, Ohio- Medina KC, Kotaro Go Shun'You Kensha "Kuma"wins WD/BOW  for a 3 pt major! A big thanks to Judge Dr. Albert Bianchi!

12-17-11 Cleveland, Ohio- Richland County KC, Morningstar-Tintown Dr McDreamy's Made of Honor "Lily" wins WB for a 3 pt major out of the Bred By class! Thanks to Judge Mrs. Ann Hearn for realizing the potential of this young puppy!

12-18-11 Cleveland, Ohio- Western Reserve KC, CH Tintown's Takechiyo wins Select Dog.

1-8-12 Rubber City KC, Taki wins Best Of Breed and attains his Grand Grampion title, handled by my son Holden Abel!

3-8-12, Franklin, Tennessee,  Nashville KC- Lily wins her 2nd major, BOW/BOS over Specials.

4-17-12, Perry, GA- Lily wins WB for a 3 point major at the NSCA Regional Specialty and finishes her AKC Championship!

6-9-12, Kuma wins WD/BOW/BOS for 2 pts handled by Junior Handler Summer Abel under Judge Mrs Paula Hartinger .

6-10-12, Kuma wins WD/BOS for 2 pts handled by Junior Handler Summer Abel under Judge Mrs Houston Toddie Clark.

6-16-13 Monkey won WB/BOS for a 5 pt major! Monkey's first show on her 6 month birthday in Troy, OH under Judge Mrs. Dennis (Mary Lou) Kniola. 

7-27-13- Monkey wins WB/BOW/BOB/OHBOB for another 5 pt major, over top Specials! 

7-28-13 Kuma wins WD/BOW for a 3pt major to finish his AKC Champion title!

7-28-13 Monkey wins WB/BOS for her 3rd major, she only needs 2 singles to finish!

6-12-2014 Monkey wins Top Ten Best Of Breed at the UKC Premier over top Specials!

7-29-2014 Chizumi becomes an UKC Champion at 8 months old!

9-8-2014 Kuma becomes an UKC Champion!

7-24-2015 Chizumi wins WB/BOS over a bitch Champion for her 1st AKC point in Marion, OH.

7-25-2015 Chizumi wins WB/BOW/BOS over a bitch Champion for 2 pts in Marion, OH.

7-26-2015 Chizumi wins WB/BOW for 1 point, Axle makes his AKC debut in the Bred-By class and wins WD for his first point in Marion, OH.

7-28-2015 Axle wins WD/BOW from the Bred-By class for 1 point in Marion, OH.

8-14-2015 Chizumi Wins WB/BOW/BOS for a 3pt major and a Group4 in Owner/Handler!

AKC CH Tintown's Nobility by Design

UKC CH Tintown's Invictus